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{August 26, 2013}  

Well, as you can see I have not posted anything on my blog in a very long time.  I ended up with three jobs and a crazy schedule and those darn woolies take up a lot of time.  Finally I am getting a break in my hectic life and will be down to one job.  My home based business will allow me more free time to be with my sheep, crafts, cooking, hobbies, and of course, blogging.

Just to give you an update, I sold off my Navajo Churros and moved into a few breeds that had finer wool.  We moved to a beautiful new place for boarding and the sheep are delighted!  I started sheep shearing as a side job and I will continue to do that every spring until my body finally says no more.  These next weeks I will start all over, introduce all the new wooly faces, show you what I’ve been up to this summer and start the blog from scratch again.

Fleur and Buttercup     I am really excited for this new phase in my life and in September when things finally get rolling, there will be a lot more activity here.


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