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{June 28, 2011}  

Here are our newest editions and they are adorable!  Sierra, the mama, is my little Shetland ewe.  She was bred to Simon my Rambouilette ram and gave birth to these two little cuties a week and a half ago.  It was a far cry from the ones that lambed in March.  We had no intention of having babies that early but the girls had plans of their own and dug under the fence to frolic with the rams.  The little hussies!  The drawback of that is that all of that batch had babies during our coldest winter in many years and we also had no way of telling who the daddies were.  We lost a few ear tips to frostbite but luckily we did not lose any lambs.   We have one ewe left to lamb…another opps…and hopefully we will be done with babies for the year.  We are currently looking for a bigger place so that we can have room for our ever expanding herd and have some more obstacles in between the ewes and the rams so there will be no more “ewes gone wild!”


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