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{January 18, 2010}   Lambing Jugs

We are getting ready for lambing season and busy preparing the lambing jugs.  Jugs are basically small individual pens for each ewe where they can safely birth their babies.  Ewes and lambs need a tight space to bond in as well as to shelter them from the cold weather and prevent other ewes from stealing the babies.

The economy is tough and we are about tapped out on the sheep budget.  We had to get extremely creative with our building materials to cut costs.  Our salvation  came in the form of pallets that I talked our local hardware store into giving us.  We also utilized old landscaping ties that we had lurking in the back of the garage.  The most expensive cost were the screws and the hinges for the gates.  Each hinge was approximately $5 and each gate required two hinges.  Luckily they are made out of a strong sturdy metal and will last forever.  We can reuse them again and again.  Is seems a little daunting to work so hard on pens that will only be used for a month and then torn down, but if we save our material we can rebuild the same structure next year.


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